Small cable big problem!

Small cable big problem!

Kabel, Computer, Sata, S-Ata, Anschluss, Stecker, PcSmall cable, big problem!

As we all know, the plant manufacturers do not make a big profit with the plants themselves but with so-called after sell service. Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

We all know this problem, when at work the mobile phone battery is empty and you have to charge it urgently, you do not have the charger with you, you ask the work – colleagues.

These have a charging cable but the plug does not fit. Such a disappointment! Why is that? As we all know, this is due to the company standard. Each company tries to enforce its own standards so that it becomes difficult to replace original parts and components with non-original parts.

Ok, a private mobile phone is maybe really a small thing. Let’s take a production plant with a 24-hour cycle. What happens if a small cable burns out in this system?

First, the whole line stops and it starts to cause money-losses. What comes next, of course a technician and what does the technician, he looks for the error finds this cable and says it needs to be replaced. What comes next? Of course the procurement of a new cable.

In good case, the manufacturer of the broken system has a local dealer, who has these spare parts in stock. If not then the manufacturer must be requested. If the manufacturer does not have the part in stock, then there is really a huge problem, because every day when the production line is at a machine downtime, causes huge costs for the factory.

Ok, halfway you can solve this problem, but what if the system was bought used and the manufacturer does not exist anymore or has taken the machine out of production?

This is how the cost of a cable of 100 euros, multiplies into millions!

We took a cable as an example, which could also be a broken seal or fuse. Please if you have ever faced this problem. Write in comment how you solved it. So that we can post-process our articles.





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