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About Us

We are located in Germany, a country known for manufacturing the world’s best technology and industrial equipment. This close proximity to the manufacturers gives HeuteDeal a competitive advantage as an industrial spare parts supplier with quicker factory response and delivery times.

HeuteDeal sources repair parts with exceptional response and product knowledge, quick delivery, and economical pricing. We are flexible, requiring no minimum part order. Our customers often experience up to 50% savings versus their local supplier or dealer.

Machine downtime is expensive; we pride ourselves on lightning-fast response and constant communication throughout the entire transaction, from inquiry to delivery. Our goal is to help HeuteDeal customers realize savings on industrial machinery parts and components and optimize their machinery uptime. We service a wide range of  industrial machinery parts and components customers worldwide. If your machine type isn’t listed on our site, we most likely can help problem solve—please contact us.

We make MRO simple!

Our service includes:

Package consolidation

Fast shipping

Customs declaration

Parcel tracking


Our project was founded in 2019, our goal is to supply our customers quickly with spare parts and industrial components. This is our highest priority.


The industrial machinery parts and components we provide:

Industrial Pump Parts
Filling systems and filling technology
Automation technology
Construction machinery
Office technology
Chemical, pharmaceutical machines
Wire processing
Printing & Printing Machines
Compressed air technology
Power tools
Energy Technology
Conveyor technology & drive technology
Glass processing, ceramic machining
Woodworking machines
Car workshop equipment
Municipal machines
Plastic processing, plastic technology
Agricultural machinery
Food technology
Medical technology
Measurement technology, testing technology
Metalworking machines & machine tools
Engines parts
Surface technology
Paper processing, film processing
Postal processing
Recycling & Disposal
Cleaning Machines
Special Machines
Other machines
Stone processing machines
Telecommunications Technology & Computer Technology
Textile machinery
Transport vehicles, commercial vehicles
Vacuum Technology
Process Technology
Packaging machines